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crossroads workshops

You had a plan. You had a roadmap. And then something happened that changed it all. Or maybe you changed it yourself. Now what? When at a crossroads in life, by choice or circumstance, you become unsure of the path ahead. How can you move forward with awareness, empower yourself with belief and create a life by design? How can you stay present to your path, yet move towards a glorious future?  Come join the Crossroads Community to find out. Deepen your journey and dive into a new theme every month. Cheering you along will be two coaches (Aditi Patil and I) with a deep passion for enabling you to see the power within to create lasting change personally and professionally. 

When: 2nd Tuesday of each month 7pm to 8.30pm. Where: Eastside. Locations vary and will be announced on our Crossroads Facebook page. Fee: Just your complete presence. It's a free service with priceless rewards. Find out more