I work with individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life. They are thought leaders, business owners, artists, expats, teenagers, young professionals and more. I have broad experience working with internationals, too. And because most of my coaching takes place via video conferencing, I have maximum global reach.

Get in touch for a complimentary explorative coaching conversation with me. Email and/or call: +1 206.601.4664.

I started my coaching relationship with Saskia when I was really struggling to find my bearings in life. I'm an entrepreneur who had a desperate need for change and new direction. I was really unsure of how to connect with myself, and shift old habits and behaviors that were not serving me well anymore.  I felt stuck, frustrated, trapped in a disempowering state of mind, unable to see the natural resources I had at my disposal.  

Saskia worked with me through coaching sessions that spanned from actively listening to where I was and processing past experiences that held me back, to exercises and goal setting. She really helped my attitude shift from a woeful and overwhelming ‘I don't have any way to fix this,’ to realizing the strengths I'd taken for granted or literally forgotten about. I discovered how to honor all of them and use them to restart my own growth process. Just as important, she’s helped me work with my fears and identify my coping mechanisms by noticing and labeling them with humor. It’s helped me rise above them rather than sinking back into them, and old reactionary habits. 

Saskia is open hearted, totally non-judgmental and excellent at sitting with me in times of tough emotional breakthroughs. She’s also the first to acknowledge and congratulate me when she notices victories, both small and large. She has been a huge support during a particularly challenging time of transition. I'm certain that working with her has made a tremendous impact on my new, positive trajectory in life. Jennifer, Business Owner, Seattle

 Saskia is both serious and playful, welcoming and warm, inquisitive and interested. When I meet her I always feel at ease, as though I can be the person I am and say the things I think. She doesn’t judge. Georgina, Team Leadership Mentor and Coach, Sydney

Saskia has an open, approachable personality. Anyone can talk to her and she can talk to anyone, regardless of age, gender, race or social status. Saskia keeps a conversation going and is genuinely interested in what people have to say. If she feels comfortable in her surroundings she radiates even more and brings a lot of energy to a room. She’s the active type; she doesn’t wait for things to happen but takes initiative and takes things into her own hands. Kristina, Affiliate Manager, Singapore