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You may think you can't. 

I know you can.



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If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, then Your Future Now will help you instigate the shift you need to be daring, decisive and unstoppable—whether you're just starting out or already successful. You'll bring balance to work, family, health and dramatically improve your wellbeing.   


Welcome to your future!

And to Your Future Now coaching. I’m Saskia Houwing, an ontological coach, which simply means my approach is based on ontology: the study of being. Together, we’ll discover a bold and extraordinary way of being.

To be uncompromisingly genuine and act from a profoundly authentic place is fundamental to how alive, joyful and energized you feel. I call that place of authenticity your Essence.

It’s the springboard for breakthroughs; it empowers you to see possibility (a new and innovative way forward) that will overcome your circumstances, drive solutions and secure the future you dream of. Working with me will unlock your Essence and introduce you to the transformative power of possibility. 


The Power of Possibility

Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, saw it in footless tights, Steve Jobs in the Blackberry, James Dyson in depleted suction, and Dr John Gorrie, father of air conditioning, in his feverish patients. They saw a problem, then they saw a possibility that spurred a solution and revolutionized how the world now relates to tight dresses, phones, vacuum cleaners and summer. Others would have seen problems too, but only they saw a new and innovative way forward—and actioned it. That’s the power possibility holds to propel you into an unimaginable place.

Through our coaching sessions, you’ll access the potential and power of possibility.


Know Your Essence

What is it?

It can be mistaken for what others say you are. The traits you’ve adopted to navigate or survive relationships, careers, life. Your enduring insecurities masquerading as inherent qualities.

It is in fact the consistent answer to the question: what always shows up when you enter a room? Do people feel safer? More confident? Equal? Do they laugh or cry freely because you give them room to? It’s who you would be if pretense did not exist and acceptance had no criteria. It’s the you you would choose if ‘Be yourself, everyone else is already taken’, was not just a saying by Oscar Wilde but a critical mandate for existence—like breathing. 

When we work together, you’ll understand your Essence—the authentic you. You’ll also happily realize how it enhances your business, relationships, career, wellbeing and more.

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essence vs default

Jane and Lucy will soon interview for new roles. As successful women, it's the next big step in their careers. 



            Jane’s state of being comes from her Essence:

  • She’s excited about the opportunity and a last-minute request to prepare a presentation doesn’t faze her.
  • Considering appropriate concepts to present, she selects just one. It’s good and it will make an impact.
  •  She finds joy in the process of expanding her concept and is curious about whether the interviewers will embrace it.
  • She creates just three slides, but they are thorough.
  • She gets a good night’s rest and shows up confidently, inquisitively and articulately to the interview.
  • Her authentic state of being results in an enjoyable victory.
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            Lucy’s state of being comes from fear—her Default: 

  • She’s restless about the opportunity and a last-minute request to prepare a presentation keeps her awake trying to preempt what the interviewers might want.
  • She covers all her bases and develops several concepts with an excess of slides.  
  • Tired and anxious, she wants more time to prepare.
  • Frustration builds as she mulls over the short notice given. But she makes it.
  •  She's exhausted and insecure in the interview and wonders if she's done enough or done it well.
  • Her state of being is not authentic. She doesn't get the role.



We'll work together to progress from fear-based Default responses to a place of Essence, action and growth. 


Ready to be unstoppable?


Together, we’ll address the submerged portion of the iceberg—the vastness you do not see or consciously register, but that dramatically influences the way you approach life. It includes your beliefs, fears, perceptions and more, that form the basis of your Default responses.

We’ll discover your Essence and establish a revolutionary way forward that is impactful and deeply fulfilling. Soon, you’ll start to view things differently. Problems will be invitations to find a better way. You’ll search for possibility, and when you’re able to see it in anything, that’s when you’ll become unstoppable

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