If you ask why ...

 I coach I’d say it’s to bring joy, love and peace to the world. Honest. Most of us want the same for ourselves and loved ones but strive for it in different ways. My way is through empowering individuals to find possibility in any situation, joy in their day, peace in their power, and love in who they are, what they do and in others. It’s also by creating connection and encouraging people to share.

My love for rallying a crowd around ideas is a prime example. It’s one reason I’m heavily involved with TEDxSeattle and TEDxYouth. I help organize events and oversee teams, which gives me a chance to deeply appreciate everyone involved, including the speakers. Happiness burns in me when they take the stage. It’s a beautiful process to be part of. It’s also incredibly moving to witness such an eclectic gathering under one roof. We bond, knowledge exchange and leave better than when we arrived.

I love new adventures. I love travel. I love people. I can see good in anyone and earnestly believe we’re all inherently valuable to the world. I’m deeply passionate about equality, diversity and inclusivity, and live in a way that advocates and emulates them. Having lived several years in the Netherlands (I’m of Dutch descent), Singapore and now, the US, I have a natural affinity for working with culturally diverse individuals. If travelling and starting over has taught me anything, it’s that life is a spectacular adventure full of unimaginable possibilities. What if you could recognize and harness those possibilities to transform … well … anything?

Together, we can.  Get in touch!